We Have MOVED! We are now the Tufts Computer Architecture Lab! Though several of our members are still at Drexel University and sit in the Drexel VLSI Lab.


The Power-Aware Computing Lab at Drexel University is headed by Prof. Mark Hempstead within the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The research group investigates methods to increase energy efficiency across the boundaries of circuits, architecture, and systems. Our recent accomplishments include the Sigil profiling tool, scalable modeling infrastructure for accelerator implementations, microarchitecture-aware VDD gating algorithms, an accelerator architecture for ultrasound imaging, evaluation of hardware reference counting, hardware and operating system support for power-agile computing, and memory systems for accelerator-based architectures. See the project page and recent publications for more information.

haswell-die-featured-640x353.jpg (640×353)

(Intel 4th Generation “Haswell” CPU die shot via www.extremetech.com)

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