• Feb 2014 – Congratulations to Prof. Hempstead for the funding of the NSF CAREER grant titled: “Combating Dark Silicon through Specialization: Communication-Aware Tiled Many-Accelerator Architectures”. This funding will be used over the next five years to support two students as they develop architectures for the next generation of microprocessors containing many specialized accelerators.
  • Congratulations to Mark Hempstead on his ICCD 2013 Keynote:
  • Congratulations to Steven Battle for his two ICCD 2013 papers, “Register Allocation and VDD-gating algorithms for Out-of-Order Architectures” and “Characterizing the Costs and Benefits of Hardware Parallellism in Accelerator Cores.”
  • Congratulations to Siddharth Nilakantan for his IISWC 2013 paper, “Platform-independent Analysis of Function-level Communication in Workloads.”
  • August 2013 – Congratulations to Steven Battle and Siddharth Nilakantan for passing their PhD Proposals.
  • May 2013 – Congratulations to Rizwana Begum for passing her PhD Candidacy.
  • April 2013 – Congratulations to Rizwana Begum for winning the Suryadevara Basavaiah Family Educational Fund Award.